Have a thesis written by the ghostwriter

For a lot of students writing a diploma thesis at the end of their studies in 2017 is a big hurdle. It is demanding and very time-consuming, which is why the completion of many graduates leads to great time pressure and stress. However, this is not necessary, because you can have your thesis written – and that at low cost. Although you have already written a term paper or homework during your studies, the diploma thesis is a much bigger challenge. With the search for a ghostwriter for the thesis you get professional support and individual help for this important academic work. A professional agency is looking for an academic ghostwriter for the individual topic of the diploma thesis and put an end to the sleepless nights.

How much does a ghostwriter cost for the thesis?

The idea of using Ghostwriting to help with the writing of the thesis sounds great at first, but as a student with a limited budget you are probably worried about the costs.

With a professional and experienced agency, such as essayhilfe.de, the price for the final thesis – regardless of whether it is a bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis or doctoral thesis – is calculated individually and fairly. Each request from our customers will be personally processed and answered so that we can make you the best offer. So you get a ghostwriter for your thesis at a low cost.

The price for creating an individual and unique thesis depends on the following criteria:

  • Complexity of topic and subject area
  • Available time or urgency (The more time our ghostwriter has, the lower the price)
  • Number of pages (title page, bibliography, etc. are included in the price for free)
  • Choice of standard, premium, or platinum package, each with different service offerings
  • additional customer service such as SMS notification, VIP service package, 24-hour contact etc.

Example: Cost of a diploma thesis of 120 pages:

  • For those who can plan in advance and, above all, want a low price, we offer the standard package:
  • With 2 months lead you get the work of one of our ghostwriters for only $ 41.20 per side.

The premium package is the most popular among our customers:

  • Even if you give us the order only 5 days before, you get top quality for cheap $ 60.09.

The platinum package for top quality even under extreme time pressure:

  • Also 4 days before submission one of our best ghostwriters will do a first class job for 71.25 $ and you will get additional VIP customer service.

If you now consider how much time you save yourself, it is worth buying the diploma thesis. Especially students who work in addition to studying, whether in a student job, or as a full-time or part-time employee in a company, know how much money they could otherwise earn during this time. Others simply do not have the time to sit down at the desk in the evening or at night and write their diploma thesis. It’s best to make a comparison and calculate your own working hours and the costs of a ghostwriter. Of course, you should not forget the guarantee of top quality work in this calculation.

The benefits of ghostwriting for writing the thesis at a glance:

  • Theses in top quality
  • Cheap, student friendly prices
  • Individual, unique work and protection against plagiarism
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Absolute secrecy and respect for privacy
  • 100% customer satisfaction as top priority
  • Top service even in the shortest time
  • Time savings and absolute freedom from stress
  • Top grade in the diploma thesis thanks to professional ghostwriting

In theory, that sounds great, but how can you be sure as a customer that you really get the right offer, good prices and the best quality and thus complete the diploma 2017 with the dream note? The secret lies in the selection of ghostwriters. The authors at Essayhilfe.de are selected according to the strictest criteria and have to go through a difficult selection process before they are accepted. First of all, only authors who have years of experience in the field of ghost writing and writing scientific papers are hired. You must also have a university degree, such as Master, Diploma or Magister, and have already worked with other academic institutions. Only 9 out of 100 authors who apply to us succeed through the application process.

This is what our thorough selection process looks like:

  • Search for suitable candidates
  • Review of CV, work experience and references
  • Requirement of sample work and several written tests
  • Interview on the phone or via Skype
  • Briefing of future ghostwriters on the special requirements of their future field of activity
  • Hiring the ghostwriter

Since we can find a ghostwriter for each of our clients, who are experts in the required field, you can contact our agency with any subject and any individual difficulty, because we are guaranteed to have the right contact and you at all times with a service that is high quality and cheap is to stand aside.

Special features of thesis

Every graduate who has to write his thesis faces the same challenges. No matter whether it is the bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis or dissertation, at first you are confronted with a huge mountain of questions: How do I approach the project strategically? How do I manage to meet the processing time? Where can I find inspiration and help? Where is the right literature? The procedure is well explained, for example, in this Wikihow.

For the thesis, however, there are very specific requirements that must be met at each university. The written work basically covers up to 120 pages (+ attachment) and is written within a period of 6 months.

The diploma thesis should be a scientific achievement of the student. This means that one should prove that one can independently process a question or a problem that has been found, or that one can find a solution to it, and can derive own results and new findings from this processing. In addition, one shows his skilful handling of subject-specific scientific methods.

You also get the first inspiration and help when you start reading other diploma theses online to get an impression of what is important. On the Internet you will find a variety of diploma theses on a variety of topics that have been written at various universities.

Correct the thesis – that’s what matters

All of these important requirements and criteria are known to our authors and implemented effectively in your diploma thesis. The goal of the ghostwriting activity is to help students to develop the right research theses, to produce a complete, logically structured and properly weighted structure, to design a meaningful introduction, as well as the results derived from the main body or research to present in a concise summary.

After your thesis has been created personally for you, the thorough editing is missing before submission of the thesis. Our well-trained ghostwriters are familiar with the guidelines of the European universities and can take care of the proofreading, give you tips and thus ensure a high quality. You also undertake proofreading and punctuation proofreading for your diploma thesis, and ensure that the formatting complies with the chair’s criteria. Since they even check your academic work for plagiarism, you can be sure that the citation of the sources is correct, and no one can charge the allegation of plagiarism. So you get your personal editor for the correction of your diploma thesis at absolutely student friendly prices.